Welcome to wifa School of English


In the increasingly globalised world of today, the ability to communicate in English is all but indispensable. This is why WIFA Group, your reliable partner in education for nearly four decades, has now established the wifa School of English to provide a platform for anyone who wants to broaden and consolidate or simply refresh their knowledge of English. 
At the wifa School of English you will experience that speaking, writing and even thinking in English can be a most natural thing to do! 
We are certain that among the many training options we offer you will find the one that best suits your personal learning needs.

Learning environment

Learning at the wifa School of English means immersing oneself in an English-only environment in close cooperation with passionate, highly skilled and mostly bilingual teachers who at any time of your course will do their utmost to help you achieve your learning goals. We trust that language learning produces the best results possible only when it is thoroughly interactive and hence base our teaching strictly on communication and communicative activities and tasks. 
Take advantage of our teachers┬┤ long-standing experience and their strong interpersonal skills which will make your course at the wifa School of English a thoroughly instructive, pleasant and enjoyable event.